“It had always been a passion of mine to publish a book, but the possibility seemed too out of reach until I just started writing and eventually found a way to get it published. The last step to make my dream become reality was to find a good editor. That is when Tracie offered to help. Her skills and professionalism were top-notch. She not only made corrections on the minor errors but also offered alternate phrases so the copy would flow smoothly to readers. Her notes were easy to read and extremely helpful. I’m still incredibly grateful the time Tracie put into my project and all of her tips, which I still use today.” – Nita Pettibone, Wellness Coach at Falling in Happy, author of Fall in Happy with YOU

“I just wanted to say thanks for the three-panel brochure you put together for my business. It really speaks to me and my audience. Your meticulous work saved me hours of research and frustration! I think adding my photo and a QR Code to my website added a level a professionalism I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish myself. Thanks again for helping me up my game!” – Julie S. CHHC

“Tracie Neill is one fantastic editor. The quality of her proofreading and other editorial suggestions was exactly what I needed while I worked on my manuscript. One thing I really liked was that Tracie edited my work as I went along. For example, I would write a chunk of four or five chapters, let her edit it, then repeat the process until I gave her the finished work, which she had no problem going over with a fine-toothed comb again. Tracie was also timely and returned my edited manuscript back to me to allow me to move on with the next part of the publishing process. All things considered, I was very happy to have her work with me and it definitely made the writing process easier.” – K. O. Baily, author of Save Them All